Free women on Gor

This article is a list of quotes from the Gor novelles referring to free women, their difference to slaves and their status and rights. This should help to clearify many missunderstandings about the role of a woman on Gor.

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Best Gorean Outfits in Second Life Gor

The idea of this article is  to show you some  examples of outfits that can be considered more or less authentic. That doesn’t mean that Goreans in John Normans mind looked exactly like this, but at least the most important elements are present.

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The Tahari as in Tribesmen of Gor

I am reading the book “Tribesmen of Gor” at the moment. The reason is simple: Sheraka lives now in the Tahari. She is not of the tribe obviously but has been asked to help building this community with her skills in writing and education. As she has never been in the Tahari before, it does make sense to read what is the ultimate authority on the subject: John Normans Tribesmen of Gor.

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The ten commandments of Gor in Second Life

In this article I present ten simple rules to follow if you want to play Gor in Second life.

When you go to any forum about Gor, especially the German ones, you will always find heated discussions about what is good  role play and what is not.

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The Status of a woman on Gor

Here Link to a post on a public forum by the head slaver of Laura:

Sir Ari Blackthorne.

Ari invested hours of his  time to investigate the matter. The post is the result of his studies. Well done Ari.

I decided to publish this here, because it is possibly the best writing I have ever seen about the subject and might help clearing up a very common miss conception about women on Gor.

Collaring FW More Difficult Than Most Think

So it basically says there is not a single instance in the books where woman got enslaved by a man of her own Home Stone. Even in severe cases of insulting him, damaging property and even beating him the woman was NEVER enslaved. Enslavement without trial is illegal, ALWAYS, no exceptions.

Instead a man had to defend a woman of his Home Stone. This making killing a woman of your Home Stone, an outright crime, no matter what the reason was.

Women where highly respected and men even stood up when a woman entered a room. They had the exact same legal rights as men and had full freedom of speech.

There was just one thing , that a woman on Gor did not do: warfare. Women in civilized Gor where not allowed to be warriors or mercenaries. Only exeptions where in non-civilized areas such as the Northern Forest, the Jungles and the Tahari.

Sheraka of Tyros
Caste of Scribes